Benefits of eHealth

patient in bed using new technology

eHealth and St Stephen’s Hervey Bay digital hospital will deliver key benefits to patients and visitors, healthcare professionals and the wider community.


At St Stephen's Hospital in Hervey Bay, a higher level of quality and safety will be introduced and medication errors will be minimised via robust decision support features.  Most importantly, care will be oriented toward patient needs, patient satisfaction, and exceptional patient outcomes.


Our eHealth digital hospital provides the following benefits to patients:

  • An increase in patient safety through a reduction in medical and clinical adverse events
  • Improved communications between the patient and the carer
  • Reduction in length of stay due to improved operational efficiency
  • Rapid intervention during critical periods of care facilitated by real time alerts and reminders
  • Improved medications management
  • Access to modern day electronic media and social information

Healthcare Professionals

The eHealth digital hospital provides the following benefits to healthcare professionals:

  • A work environment attractive to care providers
  • Reduction in transcription, legibility and omission errors
  • Enhanced ability for clinicians to coordinate care because of simultaneous access to the electronic record
  • Reduced time locating/collecting patient information
  • Decreased number of avoidable clinical incidents
  • Reduction in the number of unnecessary administrative tasks, meaning clinicians will have more time to communicate with patients about their care and needs

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