Our commitment to quality

Part of UnitingCare's mission is to improve the health of individuals and their families. We differentiate ourselves by living out our values to optimise patient care and experience everyday.

We maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality systems through committed and inspired leadership, the dedication of our staff, and the application of our organisational values.   

Our person centred focus is critical to our success and we are committed to consistently meeting our patients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. To ensure openness and transparency UnitingCare publishes hospital patient safety performance statistics, and water management status on our websites.

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations; in the continual improvement of the quality of the services we deliver, and in the way we operate within the healthcare industry and wider community.

Through committed and inspired leadership, the dedication of our staff and the application of “Living Values” we aim to maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system.

Living Values

Living Values is a strategy with specific tools and techniques designed to create a hospital culture aligned with our mission and shared values, where staff are resourced, supported and encouraged to care for patients as whole individuals, with social, spiritual and emotional needs alongside their physical conditions. Living Values is integrated into everything we do.

The Living Values strategy focuses on:

  • improving the levels of clinical outcomes to ensure patient safety and quality;
  • increasing patient satisfaction;
  • improving the levels of doctor satisfaction and engagement;
  • increasing employee engagement;  and
  • further developing a team environment.

Through the implementation of Living Values, we aim to build a culture around service, create and develop leaders, improve communication at all levels, and recognise and reward success.

At St Stephen's Hospital we continually strive to increase and strengthen our capacity to provide excellence in healthcare outcomes across the organisation. This ensures our employees feel valued, our doctors feel the organisation is their preferred healthcare partner, and our patients and families feel our service exceeds expectations.

Person Centred Care

UnitingCare Health Hospitals and services are committed to providing person centred care and services that reflect our values Compassion, Respect, Justice, Working Together and Leading through Learning. At St Stephen's, this commitment is exemplified by our staff who ensure they:

  • interact with patients, carers and families with dignity and respect,
  • encourage and support active participation in decision making,
  • communicate and share information with our patients and their nominated carers and families.

Our Living Values program also strongly supports our Person Centred Care focus in all UnitingCare Health Hospitals.

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