Apply for Clinical Accreditation

Medical practitioners, dentists, allied health professionals and other practitioners seeking accreditation at St Stephen’s Hospital should direct their enquiry to: 

Catherine Everiss, Executive Assistant to the General Manager
Phone: 07 4120 1315
or email:

The Credentialing Officer will contact you and, where appropriate, provide you with links to our online credentialing system. This system is designed to ensure the accuracy of records and provide you with a streamlined, time-saving accreditation process.

Please note that the UnitingCare Health By-Laws for Medical, Dental and Allied Health Professionals sets out the terms and conditions under which successful applicants are accredited within the defined scope of practice granted.

All accredited Visiting Medical Practitioners and Allied Health Practitioners are expected to adhere to the UnitingCare Health Code of Conduct whilst working in our facilities.

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