Rehabilitation services

SSH can help you get back on your feet

Hervey Bay now has its very own inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

The new purpose built, fully equipped rehabilitation unit offers personalised treatment programs for both acute and chronic conditions. Our programs are goal-oriented and based on the individualised needs of the patient. Private health rebates apply.

We have services in the following specialties:

Orthopaedics, Reconditioning, Neurological, Cardiac, Musculoskeletal and Falls Prevention and Management.

You can count on us for:

  • Faster recovery time, so you’ll get back to your daily activities or return to work quicker
  • Minimised pain and suffering
  • Decreased likelihood of injury and hospital readmission.


Enhanced strength and other benefits come from rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation

Our 20 bed inpatient service is suitable for people who require treatment in hospital and where it is not a possibility to go home due to dependence of care.

We cater for people who have the below needs:

  • joint replacement or fracture –post orthopaedic injury or surgery – upper limb, lower limb including total hip or knee replacement
  • neurological disease e.g. MS, Poliomyelitis, Parkinson’s Disease or brain injury
  • reconditioning to improve body strength, function and mobility e.g. post medical or surgical illness/fall
  • musculoskeletal rehabilitation for soft tissue and joint injury
  • cancer rehabilitation
  • amputee rehabilitation.    


Rehab at SSH

Day rehabilitation

– Get better and stay in the comfort of your own home!

Our day therapy and outpatient rehabilitation services are customised to each client’s needs. Based on an initial assessment by our specialist health professionals, we will design a program for you which may consist of once or twice weekly sessions over the course of several weeks.  

The day rehabilitation services are ideal for clients who are still functioning well in their own environment but would benefit from a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program involving a combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and exercise physiology.

Common conditions treated in the day rehabilitation service include, chronic illness or pain, cardiac or respiratory complaints, chronic neurological, musculoskeletal or rheumatological conditions or patients that have had recent surgery. The team can tailor an exercise, balance, conditioning and falls prevention program for clients to work on here, in the gym, and also at home.

This therapy will prepare you well for your post hospital stay in preventing falls or improving your independence and mobility, bodily function and strength.

Rehab for improved fitness

Cardiac Rehabilitation/Exercise Program

- Reduce the likelihood of having a cardiac event

This outpatient service has been designed to assist people after a heart attack, heart surgery or other cardiac event to get back to health.

It is a structured education and exercise program which will improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce likelihood of a repeat occurrence. This program will be delivered on-site in our brand new, fully equipped rehabilitation gym.

Our services require a referral from your GP, cardiologist or Phase 1 cardiac rehab provider. Private health rebates apply.

Get back on your feet sooner, ask your GP for a referral today!

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