We Walk Together by Robert Barton

We are committed towards closing the gap.

Our Vision for Reconciliation

To be culturally responsible and committed to social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We will be unified, positive and healthy.

Engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

UnitingCare Health employ Indigenous Workplace advisors who provide advice and links to local Indigenous communities.

An acknowledgement of country takes place at  informal and small events such as staff meetings. At larger events, such as the opening of a new hospital or service , local Elders are invited to perform a Welcome to Country ceremony.

As part of the new St Stephen’s Hospital ​that was built in Hervey Bay, UnitingCare Health worked extensively with Elders and the local community to include culturally appropriate spaces in the hospital. Information provided by the Elders has been incorporated into a local area workforce plan.

The hospital regularly holds events during Reconciliation and NAIDOC weeks to strengthen relationships with local indigenous communities and the cultural awareness of staff.

We Walk Together artwork

 In 2012, Aboriginal artist Robert Barton, a Kalkadoon man from far North Western Queensland, was commissioned by UnitingCare Queensland  to create an artwork that reflects the integrity and collaborative approach of the UnitingCare Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan journey. This artwork is featured at the top of this page.


"UnitingCare Health is committed to the journey of Closing the Gap and improving the life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We hope to listen to and work with the First Peoples of this nation in genuine consultation.

The UnitingCare Queensland Reconciliation Action Plan guides  us in working together with understanding and respect of cultural diversity to deliver more appropriate care, and improve trust and participation
in our services."
Richard Royle
Executive Director
UnitingCare Health

"UnitingCare Queensland recognises that we need to contribute to building better relationships and eliminating the glaring gap in life expectancy, education, incarceration rate, family wellbeing and health between Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples and the rest of the
Australian community.

Our vision is to recognise and strengthen our relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through positive and inclusive workforce innovation practices." 

Anne Cross
Chief Executive Officer
UnitingCare Queensland

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