by User Not Found | Apr 18, 2016


A glance at history" (museum)
"a very passionate youth group led the service, lots of singing"


Its amazing how autonomous the nurses are. I've seen diseases, like TB, that I've only read about before.


sunsetThe sunset over the lagoon was magical. It was so special to be here in time for the opening ceremony of "College Week ", and to be so warmly welcomed from the stage.
Feeling happy and excited. Love feeling part of a community. It's not until you come to a place like this that you realise what community really means. The kids are just like one big family. It's a really special feeling to be part of that.
What we're doing helps the community help one another. I realise how much of an impact we have. The accommodation is better than I expected, humble but comfortable. The fans are a bonus!

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