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UnitingCare Health's research institutes are leading the way in innovation and improving patient care.

The Wesley Research Institute

Established in 1994, The Wesley Research Institute is an independent not for profit medical research organisation that conducts research to improve patient care and quality of life.

Working directly with patients, research by our clinicians is improving patient care and quality of life through:

  • Faster, more accurate diagnosis.
  • Fewer, less severe side effects.
  • New treatments for faster, improved recovery.

To be a leader in medical research acknowledged for achieving excellence and innovation in patient care. The Wesley Research Institute fosters a strong research culture in The Wesley Hospital, linking medical research and clinical practice.

Scientific Services
The Institute’s standard of professional practice is built on experience and provides a range of scientific services across three main areas – Investigative research, Clinical trials and Tissue banking. 

Investigative Research
Wesley Research Institute’s investigative research is divided into two categories: investigator-initiated and patient outcome research.  Both aim to discover, test and refine new techniques for better diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease.  Wesley Research Institute also offers a range of data management services including an on-site biostatistician.

Clinical Trials
Wesley Research Institute Clinical Trials enables clinicians and specialists to conduct clinical trials for national and international sponsor companies, including on-site Ethics Committee and recruitment for trial participants.

Tissue banking
The Ventyx Wesley Research Institute Tissue Bank is a state-of-the-art bio-repository of human tissue and blood and is the largest of its kind in Queensland.  It collects and stores tissue samples, blood and related clinical data from consenting patients at The Wesley Hospital. This is then made available to ethically approved medical researchers worldwide.

Contact Wesley Research Institute
For all enquiries contact Wesley Research Institute on 07 3721 1500 or email

St Andrew’s Medical Institute

Established in 1995, the St Andrew’s Medical Institute aims to be a recognised leader in research methodologies which improve patient outcomes.

St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital focuses on providing first class treatment to patients to achieve world class results. St Andrew’s Medical Institute refines the methodologies behind the clinical practice with the intent of developing performance standards and methods to inform clinician-led change to ensure the best patient results.  

Close collaboration between St Andrews Hospital, specialists, St Andrew’s Medical Institute researchers and academia has developed a clear scientific emphasis on practical, applied research focussing on health services and clinical audit.

What They Do
St Andrew’s Medical Institute is committed to developing an integrated clinical performance system for optimising medical treatment, enabling patients to quickly return to the best possible quality of life. This includes:

  • Developing applied clinical, mathematical and analytical methodologies to evaluate and monitor clinical and patient outcomes.
  • Auditing treatment results and patient experiences based on robust data infrastructure and performance monitoring tools.
  • Creating performance standards and using actual procedural data in clinician-led research, to derive new benchmarks for patients’ treatment and results.
  • Collaborating with leading medical, academic and industry partners to devise innovative education and change management strategies which translate to better results for patients.

Clinician-Led Research Projects and Clinical Trials
St Andrew’s Medical Institute can assist with the development of research projects and clinical trials (both investigator-initiated and externally-sponsored) including the conduct of literature reviews, refining research questions, study design, statistical analysis and the full publication process. 

St Andrew’s Medical Institute can also help to obtain the formal ethical and governance approvals that are necessary for research projects and clinical trials involving St Andrews patients.

Tracking Clinical Outcomes
SAMI’s research has resulted in the development of powerful methods to support clinicians in developing measures to track the most relevant aspects of their treatments and their patients’ outcomes.
Regularly comparing these measures with published best practice can allow the doctors and the care team to identify changes or differences in either practice or outcomes – and exploit these as opportunities for review and improvement of the outcomes.

Using SAMI’s methodologies and expertise, St Andrews clinical units can focus on delivering the first-class treatment and world-class outcomes for all St Andrews patients.

Contact St Andrew's Medical Institute
For all enquiries contact St Andrew's Medical Institute on 07 3834 4539 or email


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