Palliative Care Proposal for St Stephen’s Maryborough

St Stephen’s Hospital’s General Manager, Leanne Tones, has confirmed that the hospital is in discussions with Queensland Health regarding a partnership for the potential future use of its Maryborough facility as a palliative and transitional care service.
“We have been working on identifying an alternative use for the site for some time. The provision of a combined private/public palliative and transitional health care service for the Fraser Coast would be a huge benefit to this community and we are excited to be part of this project,” Ms Tones said.
The proposal is in its early stages and there is a lot of work still to be completed to bring the project to fruition, including the securing of necessary government approvals.
“UnitingCare Health is committed to ensuring that this potential service will represent a model of excellence in health care, providing both health and support services to patients and their families in a time when they need it most. We are also excited about the potential it creates for community involvement,” Ms Tones added.

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