Support Programs

Veterans' Support Services

St Stephen's Hospital has a designated Veterans' Liaison Officer.

If you wish to speak with this officer please ask one of our nursing staff or contact Hospital Reception on telephone 07 4120 1200.

Discharge Planning

Planning for discharge is important to ensure you are return home after your hospital stay as soon as you are able and with all of the support you require.

You and your family or carer(s) should be involved in planning for your discharge.  The Nursing staff will talk with you about this from the time you are admitted and will coordinate any services needed to support you at home.  These community services  can include assistance with hygiene or wound care, meals, medication blister packs and home help.  The community service providers can provide information re services that they can help with, together with any costs that may be incurred for these.  It is important that you and the nursing staff understand your discharge plan in relation to:

  • The date you are expected to be discharged
  • Your travel arrangements to leave the hospital
  • Any special instructions you will have during your recovery for example exercises and wound care
  • Your followup appointments

For complex discharge planning, St Stephen's has the services of a Discharge Planner.  Should you require complex assessments for ongoing care when you leave hospital, this discharge planner will coordinate the appropriate assessments for example with the Aged Care Assessment Service, Transitional Care Team and others.

Following your discharge your General Practitioner (GP) will continue to manage your discharge care.  Should you have any additional needs once home, you should discuss these with your GP who will be able to organise them for you.

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