What is a digital hospital?

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Frequently asked questions about how a digital hospital works, as well as privacy and security.

Digital hospital details

Digital hospital details

  • What is a digital hospital?

  • What are the benefits of a digital hospital?

  • What is an eHealth record?

  • Why have an electronic medical record?

  • How is it different from other hospitals?

  • Why is it better?

  • What is in my eHealth record?

  • Can I see my eHealth record?

  • How does the eHealth system make medications management safer?

  • In an emergency, can doctors access my eHealth record, even if they are not on site at St Stephen’s Hospital?

  • What happens if I have to change the doctor I see?

  • Can parts of my record be deleted?

  • What happens if I move to a different address?

  • Will staff or carers at aged care facilities be able to access my eHealth record?

  • What if I have questions?

Privacy and security

Privacy and security

  • Who has access to the eHealth record?

  • How is the eHealth record kept private?

  • What happens if someone accesses the eHealth record without permission?

  • How can healthcare professionals access the eHealth record?

  • How do authorised users get a login and password?

  • Who has access to the login details of each user?

  • Are account managers able to see who has accessed or updated the eHealth record?

  • Is the electronic medical record as safe as paper-based medical records?

  • Where are eHealth records kept?

  • What happens if the power fails?

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