Environmental Sustainability

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As a faith-based health organisation committed to holistic care UnitingCare Health is conscious of the connection between the environment and human health.

Our mission is as part of The Uniting Church is to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and the community. We believe this calls us to address the current needs of our communities, while also looking ahead to the needs of the generations to come.

In its inaugural address to the nation in 1977 the Uniting Church of Australia declared:
“we are concerned with the basic human rights of future generations and will urge the wise use of energy, the protection of the environment and the replenishment of the earth’s resources for their use and enjoyment.”
We strive to demonstrate the values of UnitingCare Queensland - compassion; respect; justice, working together and leading through learning - in our hospitals and offices.  We believe this applies to the environment we live in, and so we are committed to being financially and environmentally responsible.

In order to achieve this and to support human, environmental and financial wellbeing, UnitingCare Health, in partnership with UnitingCare Queensland, strives to:

  • Assess the human and environmental effect of products and services and select healthy and safe products, minimise toxicity and waste, extend the life of products and restrict the use of hazardous materials.
  • Work with our staff to support and encourage waste prevention, reuse, recycling and other waste-reducing strategies in the workplace.
  • Inform our staff, patients and the community about the environmental goals we have set and the results we have achieved.
  • Show leadership through education and community engagement.
  • Improve operational energy and water efficiency, promote cost-effective sustainable energy sources, and evaluate and reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions into the air, water and earth.
  • Design and construct to relevant certification standards and meet all federal and state environmental laws, standards and regulations.
  • Actively participate with expert organizations to continuously improve our knowledge and methods of the best sustainable business practices.
  • Set annual goals and develop action plans to continuously improve the quality and measurable outcomes of our environmental programs.
  • Develop an annual Sustainability Report that describes and explains our commitment to environmental sustainability.

UnitingCare Health is committed to these efforts and aspires to become a leader among other health care organisations in our effort to care for the environment and work for a sustainable future.

For further information please contact the chair of the UnitingCare Health Environment Committee Helen Dick on helen.dick@uchealth.com.au.

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