Environmental Sustainability

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St Stephen’s Hospital is committed to protecting the environment and using energy and resources wisely.

We recognise that reducing our carbon footprint and being more resource efficient – using less energy and water, and producing less waste and emissions – are essential to promoting healthy and sustainable environments for our patients and communities.

As we are part of the UnitingCare family, our internal sustainability program is Greening UnitingCare, which captures the multitude of initiatives we are implementing to continuously improve our environmental performance. From green fleets to green champions, recycling to reducing single-use items – these are some of the ways we are growing sustainability at UnitingCare.

In the past three years, St Stephen’s Hospital has:

  • Continued to expand our recycling program, by introducing specialised recycling initiatives such as batteries, soft plastics, printer toners, e-waste, compression garments, and batteries.
  • Given bottles the boot, replacing single-use bottled water with a refillable jug service for our inpatients. This will avoid 40,000 plastic bottles a year.
  • Switched to paper straws, preventing thousands of plastic straws from going to landfill each year.

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