Your Stay

After day surgery

After the normal post operative recovery period, you will return to the Day Surgery recovery area where you are required to stay a minimum of 1 ½ - 2 hours depending on the type of anaesthetic you have received.

Nursing staff will contact the family member/friend to collect you as you should not leave the hospital unaccompanied.

You may require some level of care when you go home. If you live alone this should be discussed with your doctor before admission, and appropriate arrangements made in advance.

You are required to organise your own transport home. The Queensland Ambulance Service only provides transport to doctor approved patients with specific medical conditions.

Day Surgery Patient Discharge

It is essential that in the first 24 hours after your surgery or procedure you do NOT:

  • stay alone
  • drive a vehicle / bike (please organise someone to drive you home)
  • drink alcohol
  • make any legal decisions

Follow up guidelines, instructions, and prescriptions (if applicable) will be given to you prior to your discharge.

Patient Discharge

Effective planning for discharge with your family prior to hospitalisation means that your time in hospital will not be extended and re-admission to hospital is less likely. After discharge some level of care may be required (eg home care, hygiene assistance, etc). If you live alone this should be discussed with your doctor before admission.

The hospital will also discuss with you and your family your discharge care and anticipated difficulties.  If your discharge care is complex the hospital discharge planning nurse will be involved in your discharge planning if necessary.

To ensure you are properly prepared for discharge, please advise your nurse early about what help you will need.

You must organise your own transport home. The Queensland Ambulance Service only provides transport to doctor approved patients with specific medical conditions.

Discharge planning service

Planning for discharge is important to ensure you are return home after your hospital stay as soon as you are able and with all of the support you require.

You and your family or carer(s) should be involved in planning for your discharge.  The Nursing staff will talk with you about this from the time you are admitted and will coordinate any services needed to support you at home.  These community services  can include assistance with hygiene or wound care, meals, medication blister packs and home help.  The community service providers can provide information re services that they can help with, together with any costs that may be incurred for these.  It is important that you and the nursing staff understand your discharge plan in relation to:

  • The date you are expected to be discharged
  • Your travel arrangements to leave the hospital
  • Any special instructions you will have during your recovery for example exercises and wound care
  • Your followup appointments

For complex discharge planning, St Stephen's has the services of a Discharge Planner.  Should you require complex assessments for ongoing care when you leave hospital, this discharge planner will coordinate the appropriate assessments for example with the Aged Care Assessment Service, Transitional Care Team and others.

Following your discharge your General Practitioner (GP) will continue to manage your discharge care.  Should you have any additional needs once home, you should discuss these with your GP who will be able to organise them for you.

Veteran's support service

St Stephen's Hospital has a designated Veterans' Liaison Officer.

If you wish to speak with this officer please ask one of our nursing staff or contact Hospital Reception on telephone 07 4120 1200.

Christensen House

Christensen House provides short-term accommodation to patients and their families

Christensen House is located in close proximity to the hospital, making it a bit easier for out-of-town patients who may have to make several trips to the hospital or family members who would like to stay by their sides.

The construction of Christensen House was made possible by a generous donation from the Christensen family, and the help of members of the community and local suppliers.

It is anticipated that approximately 40% of our patients will come from outlying areas to access this facility and the services it will offer. The facility will also be used to provide accommodation for visiting medical practitioners. This will serve to attract visiting medical practitioners to the area thereby increasing the range of medical services available to our community. Christensen House provides short-stay accommodation to patients and family members from these areas.

The second stage will see the development of an additional eight units. This will occur in the future and coincide with further expansion of the hospital.


Christensen House provides short term motel style rooms. All rooms feature a queen size bed and include ensuites and limited cooking facilities. There are also laundry facilities and parking available onsite.

Cost and Bookings

The cost is $60 for a single room. Breakfast packs are available for an extra $5.

Bookings can be made by calling the hospital main reception on 07 4120 1200.

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