New oncology unit opens at St Stephen’s Hospital

New oncology unit opens at St Stephen’s Hospital

Cancer patients in Wide Bay will now have access to state of the art oncology facilities close to home, thanks to a new oncology unit opening at St Stephen’s Hospital.

Forbes Cancer Care Centre was officially opened on Monday 10 June 2019 in a ceremony attended by special guests, hospital oncologists, staff and patients.

St Stephens Hospital General Manager Darren Rogers said the opening of this oncology unit will be of significant benefit on those that need it most.

“The specialists working within Forbes Cancer Care Centre are the only ones offering complete Haematology oncology in the Wide Bay area,” said Mr Rogers.

“Patients that may have previously needed to travel to Brisbane will now have access to the highest level of care here at St Stephens Hospital.

“We know how beneficial it is for patients to be close to home when they are going through cancer treatment and care. It is a difficult time, and being away from home can add increased stress that they certainly don’t need.”

St Stephens Hospital has been delivering oncology services in various temporary treatment areas since the hospital opened in 2014. But until now there has not been a purpose-built facility.

“It’s wonderful to finally have the dedicated oncology unit up and running,” said Mr Rogers.

“The open and spacious design provides patients with a quiet, peaceful environment in which to receive treatment and care. It’s our priority to ensure our patients’ experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.”

The new oncology unit has been operational since mid-May, with staff now able to support more patients.

“In the 4 weeks that the new oncology unit has been operational, we’ve seen an increase in the number of patients we are treating,” said Mr Rogers.

“We are now supporting over 50 patients a week, and expect that number to continue increasing in the coming weeks and months.”

“That’s testament to the world-class oncology facilities and high level of medical care available here at St Stephen’s.”

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