Keeping health care in the family


However, the first half of her career was spent baking bread, pastries and cakes. After 15 years she moved into the health industry and has never looked back.

“I’ve always had an interest in health, looking after my own health and making sure others are okay,” said Susie.

Born in Hervey Bay, Susie’s career in health began 10 years ago at Allied Health in administration.

Late last year she accepted a role at St Stephen’s Hospital working on the switchboard and at Main Reception.

“My role is mainly administration, meet and greet, making sure everybody is happy and knows where they need to go,” said Susie.

In a busy hospital it’s not surprising that Susie’s work varies so much from day to day.

She particularly enjoys helping people who arrive at her counter work out where they’re going and who they need to see.

“Some days I have to do investigative work, as people come in and they’re not quite sure what they need to do at the hospital. My job is to figure it out,” said Susie.

“Sometimes the people who come in and forget who they’re seeing or don’t have the details of their appointment. I help them work it out by making some phone calls, so they know where to go.”

Susie regards each day as an adventure and enjoys the varied pace of her work environment.

“It’s different day to day. Some days I hit the ground running and other times it’s a more relaxed approach into the morning,” said Susie.

“Sometimes it’s rush hour, and you don't know where the time goes!”

When Susie first started her role at St Stephen’s Hospital, she didn’t know what to expect, but from the beginning she said she’s felt very welcome.

“In my job you get to know all the staff as you have to contact people in different departments,” said Susie.

“Everyone’s been just lovely to work with and they’re always very happy to help.”

Congratulations to Susie for winning UnitingCare’s 2021 ‘In their shoes’ Full Circle Award.

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